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"Ann Mashburn - Featured Brand

In 2007, fashion editorial exec, Ann Mashburn opened up a men's shop in west side Atlanta with her husband Sid. When a space opened up next door, Ann opened her own small women's shop with menswear-inspired basics, blue jeans, espadrilles, and not much else. Ann's store was a small collection of near-perfect items curated from a fashion editor's point of view.  It was intended to be the feminine version of what her husband was doing in his shop. Since her Atlanta shop was opened in 2010 the brand has opened stores in four more cities across the US. Ann Mashburn has made a name for herself through her mastery of menswear-inspired shirting and mixing perfect basics with the occasional special piece, helping women create a well-rounded wardrobe. Come in and grab a couple of classics or that piece that really stands out in a crowd and see why we love Ann Mashburn. 

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